FAQs on Logo & Brand Identity Projects

How Branding Projects Work

What is the cost of a branding project?

Check out the pricing details for my brand identity packages to get an idea.


How are payments handled?

Typically, projects split into two payments: a 50% deposit and a final 50% due net 15. For larger projects, we can set up milestone-based payments. Payment methods include credit card, ACH bank transfer, Paypal, or check.


What’s the timeline for completing a branding project?

Depending on deliverables, a logo project takes roughly 2-3 weeks, while a standard brand identity package, with additional collateral, may take up to 2 months.


How do we communicate?

We’ll begin with Zoom video meetings for project discussions and initial concept presentations. For brief communication, expect emails or short recorded videos.


Do you provide editable source files?

Absolutely. You’ll receive native source files for all final pieces without any additional charges.


Can you handle the printing process?

Yes, I can manage the entire printing process for you, recommending vendors, obtaining quotes, and overseeing the project. A small print management fee may apply. However, I ensure you pay the printer’s bill separately without any markup.

Selecting a Designer

How can I be certain I’ll like the design?

The design process involves gathering extensive information about your business goals, audience, and brand personality. Your input ensures the design aligns perfectly with your vision.


How do I know if we’re a good fit?

Review my design portfolio to gauge if my style aligns with what you’re seeking. Finding a designer whose aesthetic matches your vision is crucial for a successful collaboration.


What sets you apart from other designers?

I specialize in brand identity design, offering a focused expertise that some larger agencies might lack.


How selective should I be in choosing a logo designer?

Be discerning. Your logo represents your business 24/7, so ensure your designer considers the broader visual scheme of your brand, not just the logo itself.


Can I hire you solely to execute my specific design idea?

I prioritize strategic thinking alongside execution, which might not align with your needs in this case.


What if you haven’t worked in my industry before?

Design principles remain consistent across industries. My approach involves studying industry conventions and crafting designs that fit or stand out, as required.


Can we collaborate if we’re not in the same location?

Absolutely, most of my clients work with me remotely through live and pre-recorded video communication.


Do you handle website design?

I no longer take on web design projects but can offer guidance and ensure design consistency through a brand style guide for your chosen web designer or firm.


Do you provide copywriting services?

While I assist with naming, taglines, and brief messaging, extensive copywriting for brochures or websites isn’t within my service range. Consider hiring a copywriter for this.


Can you take on smaller projects or rush jobs if our brand is already established?

My primary focus is on branding projects. For smaller collateral or immediate needs, consider finding a designer who specializes in production work.