GDI Parts

Digital Design

GDI Parts, a major HVAC distributor linked to Daikin, the leading HVAC equipment manufacturer in North America, operates through 200+ physical locations. Seeking swift online growth, GDI aimed to provide excellent service, competitive pricing, and contemporary ordering convenience. Collaborating with our tech/ecom partner, we leveraged their B2B e-commerce expertise alongside our HVAC industry insights to create a cutting-edge e-commerce platform, ensuring a superior customer journey.

Guiding theĀ  Transformation

Working closely with Goodman Daikin’s parts & supplies division, I crafted an information architecture aligned with customer-centric ideals, fostering buyer confidence via a digital platform. My involvement encompassed concept generation, flow mapping, prototyping, and information architecture, culminating in a comprehensive UX/UI design. Concurrently, I managed the project, orchestrating these phases to align with objectives of enhancing in-store and distribution operations while boosting localized parts and marketing efforts.

“Embracing a digital transformation is not just a choice; it’s an imperative for our business’s evolution. A robust e-commerce website and system will be the cornerstone of this transformation, empowering us to connect with our customers seamlessly, streamline operations, and unlock unprecedented growth opportunities.”

Rick M.
National Parts & Supplies President


Research and Discovery

Focus is on understanding the client’s needs, target audience, market trends, and competition. Gathering comprehensive information is crucial to lay a strong foundation for the project.


Conceptualization and Ideation

In this phase, ideas generated from research are transformed into concepts and design directions. Exploring various creative solutions helps in identifying the best approach for the B2B e-commerce platform.


Design and Development

With a solid concept in place, this phase involves detailed design and development of the B2B e-commerce platform. User-centric design principles and technical feasibility guide the creation process.


Testing, Launch, and Iteration

Before the platform goes live, thorough testing is conducted to identify and rectify any bugs or usability issues. Post-launch, continuous monitoring and iteration help enhance the platform based on user feedback and analytics.

Customer Experience

Collaborating with our digital partner, I directed my attention towards creating an enhanced user experience within their extensive B2B e-commerce platform. My goal was to empower users to swiftly and confidently discover products, simultaneously elevating the visibility of the marketing initiatives by the parts and supply department. Prioritizing local product availability, personalized customer pricing, and regional promotions emerged as pivotal elements that significantly enriched the shopping journey for customers.

Innovative Promotions

Incorporating a comprehensive set of features, I conceptualized and guided our partner in constructing a robust toolkit. This toolkit encompassed a dynamic regional and national promotions system, an efficient self-service inventory management system, and an intuitive vendor index. These components collectively enhanced the platform’s functionality, ensuring seamless promotional activities, streamlined inventory control, and enhanced vendor engagement.

Nuke Digital

Goodman / Daikin

Manufacturing & Industrials

Campaign, Motion Design


Project Team
Zach Hallum
Project Manager / UX & UI Design / Data

Tim M
Principle / Art Direction

Digital Commerce Partner