Pro3 Spring Campaign

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Daikin Goodman Distribution, a major HVAC distributor linked to Daikin, the leading HVAC equipment manufacturer in North America, operates through 200+ physical locations. They provide heat and cooling contractors with the equipment, parts and supplies they need to service communities. Seeking to boost sales they looked for ways to entice contractors buy their parts and supplies in bulk.

Crafting Success

I played a pivotal role in the Pro3 Spring Promo campaign, spearheading production design, motion graphics, and product photography & video. Through meticulous design of captivating visuals, and immersive displays, I contributed to a cohesive and successful multi-channel campaign that exceeded sales expectations for the HVAC distributor in just 6 months of prep and 3 months of in store promotion.

“Our previous rewards programs have lacked the spark needed to ignite sales growth. We need a campaign to change the game. I want to keep rewards, but we need to offer something with substantial value that resonates with contractors.”

Rick M.
National Parts & Supplies President


Design & Produce Gear

Design and manufacture a versatile range of tough toolbags and gear, designed to maximize customer value and be used through multiple promotional cycles.


Compelling Visuals

Create essential Pro3 toolbag imagery. Capture scenes that resonate with contractors, portraying functionality and aesthetics. These high-quality visuals anchor marketing efforts.


Diverse Media Assets

Generate campaign essentials: photos, videos.  Create layouts to be used in multi mediums. Animated TV graphics engage and educate in-store visitors, spotlighting products and offers.


Campaign Launch & Measure

Execute multi-channel rollout via stores, print, emails, and web. Stores feature Pro3 in store displays to captivate contractors.  Implement metrics to assess campaign impact, enabling data-driven adjustments.

Visual Alchemy

Photography, production design, and motion graphics were the pillars that transformed the Pro3 Spring Promo campaign into an successful campiagn. Through expertly crafted product photography, the functionality and allure of the Pro3 toolbags were brought to life, becoming the cornerstone of the campaign’s visual identity. The production design facilitated the creation of engaging physical displays, enveloping contractors in a tactile experience that cemented the value of the rewards program. Meanwhile, the dynamic motion graphics added a layer of intrigue and excitement, captivating viewers on in-store TVs and online platforms alike.

Igniting Interest

Through a range of meticulously crafted touchpoints, including personalized direct mail, in-store displays using captivating motion graphics, and dynamic digital assets, the campaign resonated with contractors on various levels. These touchpoints, strategically placed across physical and digital platforms, formed a cohesive narrative that effectively communicated the value of the Pro3 toolbags and the rewards program. This approach not only exceeded sales expectations but also showcased the power of a well-executed, multi-touchpoint campaign in today’s competitive market.

Nuke Digital

Goodman / Daikin

Manufacturing & Industrials

Campaigns, Motion Graphics, Photography, Print, Signage & Environmental Graphics, Video


Project Team
Zach Hallum
Photography / Video / Production Design / Motion Graphics

Tim M
Principle / Art Direction / Product Sourcing

Paul J
Creative Director

Steve M
Graphic Production