The Clean Cup

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House Rules, a startup in the social gaming space was launching their newest consumer product, The Clean Cup—an automatic beer pong ball washer designed to elevate the game and keep the fun flowing.  The focus was on crafting an eye catching brand presence that resonates with the target audience. Leveraging the power of a Kickstart campaign, we orchestrated a strategic launch aimed not only at gaining initial orders but also at capturing media attention. I spearheaded the complete branding process, from the creation of the brand identity to packaging design, immersive photography, and setting the creative direction. This endeavor was all about igniting excitement.

Starting From Scratch

I was brought in to strategize, brand and art direct the development The Clean Cup brand as House Rules had just gotten its golden sample and ready to go into production. We were on a shoe string budget and most the work would have to be done with a small team of 3 or less.

“House Rules faced the challenge of introducing The Clean Cup, the world’s first automatic beer pong ball washer. Solving this was vital to revolutionize beer pong hygiene, combining fun and cleanliness. We have to craft a dynamic brand, launch a Kickstarter campaign, and need awareness in a business marketplace.”

Tyler D.

Big Branding

II created a distinctive brand for The Clean Cup, merging beer pong fun with cleanliness. Craft a playful logo, consistent color palette, and compelling brand messaging that highlights the automatic ball washer’s convenience and hygiene benefits.



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House Rules

Consumer Products

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Project Team
Zach Hallum
Creative Direction, Branding, Design, Still Photography

Ethan Shotz
Video Production